Dovecote in ruins near Salamanca, Spain

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The Rotting Underwater Ballroom. Photo by Dan Raven View post on Beneath the lake of a once lavish Victorian estate built by a flamboyant mining tycoon, a secret awaits… At the murkey water’s edge, a stone structure being overtaken by greenery hides a locked door. At murkey water’s edge, a

An old barn reshaped and missing its doors as a result of years of westerly winds on the Canadian Prairies. Shot in the province of Saskatchewan. by SYMPL IMAGES

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Lost WWII allied aircraft in New Guinea

you are right about the nose. and while I won’t argue too strenuously, I think as I look deeper, that PV-1 is the correct call. That top turret location is well forward of the tail and distinctive to the ventura. in addition as I