Found near an abandoned mine, Joshua Tree, CA

A Model T uses a transverse mounted leaf spring front and rear, the mystery truck clearly has springs running fore and aft with u bolts. A T has wooden spoked wheels or very very thing steel wire spokes. Ts have 4 cylinder engines with

abandoned mine

So, I grew up about 10 miles from the old Iron Mountain Mine, an abandoned copper mine, and superfund clean up site. Copper mines mine what are known as sulfide minerals, essentially minerals with metal and sulfur atoms in them, like Chalcopyrite, pyrite, and

Abandoned gasmasks, Truk Lagoon, in Japan

My understanding is that if the explosives are dry but other parts involved with the firing mechanism corrode to a certain point, the munitions can still explode. Supposedly, the risk is higher from torpedos and underwater mines. I’m not an expert and am just

Beautiful, old Chamber of Commerce

They actually did stuff there thought. I’ve been there twice. Once when the guy still lived there to guard it and we asked and could get in for 10 minutes because he had to go somewhere and would not leave us there by ourselves.

Abandoned boat in a river covered in gulls

Luckily it never happened on my projects. But things that could go wrong were numerous. A lot of the work was in harbors or protected waterways, so they used a lot of crawler cranes on barges. If they tried to lift too heavy of

Stopped on a now uninhabited island in Southwest Florida

While this is true it isn’t the whole story! Australian pines are nowhere near as bad as something like [melaleuca]( Australian pines are certainly invasive in the wrong areas such as shallower estuaries, swamps, and marshes, but on the barrier islands that run both

Pictures I took at an Abandoned Disney in Beijing

That was never going to be a Disney park. It was a Chinese knock off park that never took off. There are couple documentaries and albums of pictures of this park. Edit: [pics]( ( [another video]( [an article about the fake Disneyland]( [reuters]( or

Slightly Poignant Abandoned Gravestone

The picture has a Facebook color profile. I don’t trust anything that comes from Facebook. Facebook resaves all pictures at a low quality and can also resize images. Then the picture was uploaded to Imgur, which strips out metadata (but keeps color profiles). These

Abandoned Nuclear Bunker Missile Silo. This is one of the alternate command posts of the Warsaw Pact countries located on the territory of Moldavia. There are similar constructions in Belorus, Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan.

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The overgrown ruins of Kopice Castle, Poland

Nice to see this castle posted here. It has an interesting/tragic history attached to it. In 1859 it was bought by a young noble couple, Hans Ulrich von Schaffgotsch and Joanna Grycik von Schomberg-Godulla. It’s the Godulla in Joanna’s name that is interesting. Her

Chernobyl Vehicle Graveyard in the year 2000.

This machinery was used to bury the ones that were working on the reactor itself, and they were just left there. It’s just a scrapyard that’ll kill you if you look at it funny. Natural uranium consists of three major isotopes: uranium-238 (99.28% natural

There was a crazy frenchman who had the idea to open a cinema in the middle of the desert in Sinai, Egypt. Despite hauling the furniture and projector there, he didn’t manage to show a single movie.

That was some fantastic sleuthing – nicely done! Looking over the area, I can’t help but notice just how alien everything looks compared to my home in western Canada. The uncoordinated [meandering roads](,+34.253871&ll=27.985401,34.261926&spn=0.007144,0.013078&num=1&t=h&z=17) crisscrossing the open desert, the oddly-arranged and inexplicable [scattering of structures

Abandonded bridge in Seattle, Washigton

[Yup, it’s right where the 89 meets Eagle Mountain Lane near the Dusty Campground.](,+Burney,[email protected],-121.6192045,15z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x54cda7fd87b4e40d:0xd34c7c69f8453df1!2sEagle+Mountain+Ln,+Burney,+CA+96013!3b1!3m1!1s0x54cda7fd87b4e40d:0xd34c7c69f8453df1) The google image must be old though, it doesn’t show the 2-3 giant concrete blocks they put up blocking the bridge with a chain link fence on top…which seems really