Ballroom of an abandoned hotel

I like to tag my photos with the city & state, like “ballroom in abnd hotel, Houston TX”, but that’s it. It’s a sad fact that if the OP gets too specific by listing the name of the hotel or something like that you

Fixed rail streetcars used in El Paso until 1974.

I should maybe clarify then because you are right some systems do technically not lose money, though that’s not the same as being self sustaining. Mass transit systems can’t make a profit off of *ticket sales* any more. And I can’t speak for the

Carrizo Gorge – The Impossible Railroad

There are no scheduled trains at this time, the entire line is embargoed due to a tunnel collapse and broken rails. If a train runs, it would be a work train going out to make repairs. Other then that you might see a hirail

Bodie, a ghost town in California

Bodie is fascinating and a great place to visit in Summer. People used to live there all year and winter was a frozen hell. Both Bridgeport and Mono city which are the nearest towns and they are very cold and very windy in the

Abandoned Russian Battlecruiser

I crossposted this before, but the original uploader took it down. I figured out how to use imgur so I’m reposting it if that’s ok. If you all want more information on the cruiser, [here’s the wiki page for it.]( [Here’s another picture of

Abandoned church in France

This is the main issue I had when I was living in North America. When you’re in Europe you’re so used to the fact that every single tiny town in the middle of nowhere has a nice church and cute small cobbled streets and

Decaying prison dorm in Florida

>Them clothes got laundry numbers on them. You remember your number and always wear the ones that has your number. Any man forgets his number spends a night in the box. These here spoons you keep with you. Any man loses his spoon spends

Abandoned Route 66 Newburg, Missouri

I drove the whole road by myself this summer and this section is an interesting one. Like somebody else mentioned, the I-44 used to pass here, but was rerouted a few years ago. The part of the 66 that the old I44 used to

Abandoned fruit stand in Florida

It might be too small to live in. However, it would be fantastic to drop one of these into a back yard to use as an office. Or maybe build a bar inside and have a deck around it. I would absolutely buy one

Icelandic Shipwreck

I find the crop a little constricting; would anyone else have liked the image to extend to the right a bit more? Everything else makes this a wonderful photo though.

The Drowned Church of Potosi, Venezuela

It’s an art thing. There’s a local myth about a whole village that disappeared underwater with only the church spire sticking out of the water. The fake church spire sticking out of one of our ponds is one of the most iconic landmarks on

102-Year-Old Abandoned Ship is now a Floating Forest

#For the [lazy.] ( #The SS Ayrfield in [her heyday.] ( #Brief [story & pictures.] ( ###For the **very** lazy: The SS Ayrfield (originally launched as SS Corrimal) was a steel-hulled, single screw, steam collier , She was built in the UK in 1911

Inside an abandoned and overgrown church

Years and years ago I bought the 4 disk soundtrack for FFVII (not the orchestral remakes but the legit game soundtrack) and even though it was expensive as balls, it’s one of my favorite purchases ever. Haven’t listened to it ages, but this brings

An Old Miner’s Shack at Upper Crystal Lake, CO

Stone construction takes much longer, especially with only simple tools. These shacks were temporary, primarily used for prospecting or by small time miners who were likely to move claims frequently. If a large amount of gold was found a small town would usually be
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