A cargo ship purposely sunk off the Caribbean island of Bonaire. Photograph by Marc Henauer.

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Dove here last year! the site is called the Hilma Hooker. I actually got to dive it twice! there’s some big barracudas lurking down there and you can swim through a few parts.
the story is that it was sitting off the coast of bonaire for a long while. After trying to contact the owners they later found it to be an abandoned cargo ship that broke down and couldn’t get a spare part. It had a false hull that was full of marijuana. They sunk it to build a reef and missed the wall (to the left in this photo). The ship also spun on the way down so it landed upside down like it is.
The dive master who told me while I was there told me there’s jokes that the weed is still around and that’s why the islanders are so lazy.

edit. TLDR; Dove here, local dutch guy said it was old smuggling ship locals sunk and they smoke the weed to this day.

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