Abandoned ships in the desert that was the Aral Sea a few decades ago

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Exactly, and Al Gore didn’t claim it was caused by global warming either. DubiumGuy misremembered.

Here’s what was actually said, taken from the [transcript of the movie](http://www.admc.hct.ac.ae/hd1/courses/blog/gw/An%20Inconvient%20Truth%20Transcript.pdf):

>The scientific and technological revolution is a great blessing in that it has
given us tremendous benefit in medicine and communication. But this new
power that we have also brings a responsibility to think about its
consequences. Here’s a formula to think about. Old habits plus old
technology have predictable consequences. Old habits plus new technology
can have dramatically altered consequences. Warfare with spears and bows
and arrows and rifles and machine guns, that’s one thing. But then a new
technology came. (Atomic bomb blast. We have to think differently about war
because the new technologies so completely transformed the consequences
of that old habit that we can’t just mindlessly continue the patterns of the past.
In the same way we have always exploited the Earth for sustenance. For
most of our existence we used relatively simple tools: the plow, the tractor.
But even tools like shovels are different now. A shovel used to be like this.
Shovels have gotten bigger and every year they get more powerful. Our
ability to have an effect on the surface of the Earth is utterly transformed. You
can say the same thing about irrigation which is a great thing, but when we
divert rivers without considering the consequences, sometimes the rivers
never reach the sea. There were two rivers in central Asia that were used by
the former Soviet Union that were used for irrigating cotton fields unwisely.
The Aral Sea was fed by them used to be the fourth largest inland sea in the
world. When I went there I saw this strange sight of an enormous fishing fleet
resting in the sand. This is the
canal that the fishing industry
desperately tried to build to
get to the receding shoreline.
Making mistakes in our
dealings with nature can have
bigger consequences now
because our technologies are
often bigger than the human
scale. When you put them all
together they made us a force
of nature.

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