Abandoned temple in Bagan, Myanmar

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Loads of stuff. Firstly, Yangon is the most obvious. It’s the biggest city in Myanmar and was the capital for a lengthy period of time. It has the famous [Shwedagon Pagoda](http://img224.echo.cx/img224/2868/burmashwedagon0gl.jpg) which is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in the world. It’s also over 2600 years old, making it the oldest Pagoda in the world. The top of the Pagoda is tipped with 5400 diamonds and over 2000 rubies. The gold is made of genuine gold plates.

Other than that, Yangon is where the main Airport is, so you may as well spend a few days there walking around the city, it’ll give you a good sense of the culture and the people and it’s really fun navigating, if you’re patient.

Mandalay, the second city, is also filled with stuff. Right in the middle of Mandalay is it’s palace grounds, the palace is where the old Emperors used to reside. And when I say palace grounds, i mean [really freakin’ big palace grounds](http://newsoutsidemywindow.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/mandalay-palace-wall-and-moat-myanmar-burma.jpg). Those walls go right the way round and the inside isn’t the ‘old part of town’ so to speak, as in the city doesn’t go on within the walls, it is literally just the palace grounds. Here’s a [map](https://www.thaifocus.com/burma/images/mapmandalay.jpg) for reference.

There’s also quite a bit of stuff to go to outside the city, if you can organise a guide to take you round you can spend the day going to some cool stuff like the local monastery, or temple on top of Mandalay hill (makes for some great photos).

Also, Lake Inle. I’ll go into more detail in a bit, but i’ve got to go somewhere now.

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