Armored train car abandoned in the jungle.

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Hello, you may be surprised to be hearing from me as we have not met but do not be afraid. A mutual friend told me about you in confidence, that you are a good helpful person that deserves to be brought in on this amazing opportunity. You see, we have uncovered just such a train in Nigeria, hidden by the Nazi’s at the close of the world war 2. We are currently in control of the land, but due to onforseen circumstances we will be losing control if we cannot raise 2 million dollars US to pay the corrupt government taxes. We do not need your help in getting this money as the funds have been secured. The train will have an estimated 3 billion in gold and jewels. You can see that 2 million is a very small amount for us. What we need is an american bank account in good standing to transfer the 2 million American dollars from our investors, to Nigeria as they will only trust an American source. That is where you brother are needed. We can use any bank but it must be with someone in good standing that we trust not to take the 2.2 million when it is transferred as we will no longer be in control of the funds. We will transfer the 2 million in to your bank account, then to the Nigerian government to release the tax lien so we may finally begin excavations on the site. For this will will give you a 10% commission on the 2 million dollars. So we will transfer in 2.2 millino dollars and transfer out only 2 million, this we will gladly do for your help in this matter. If there is more in the train we may give you more as well. Time is of essence as if the government will discovers that the treasure is there, they will seize the land and we will receive nothing. Regards, Brother Johnly

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