Discover Paris’ Little Belt, an Abandoned Railway slowly being reclaimed by nature.

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> is that the city councils along the line want to keep the corridor for future use as a metro line or tramway

Kinda correct, although

* there is only *one* city council involved: the line is entirely within the city of Paris proper

* the ground belongs to SNCF, the state owned national and only railway company

* *not* a tramway : a brand new tramway line is being constructed since the 00s on the [Boulevard des Maréchaux](, which form another ring a few tens of meters outside the Petite Ceinture. The Petite Ceinture was indeed considered, but rejected because the tracks are very often either elevated or entrenched or even underground and sites suitable for stations are far in between.

Meanwhile, many people and bodies, at time very passionate and vocal, propose various and contradictory options for reuse. Real estate developers are circling like vultures, some ecologists want a freight line to dislodge trucks from the streets while other ecologists want to keep it as is, as a reservoir of biodiversity embedded in the metropolis. It has also become an open air museum of street art and some want to keep it that way. Kinda this embarrassing family heirloom property that nobody agrees who shall inherit and what to do with it. So far the only consensus is to do nothing and to at least preserve the continuity. The few sections that were developed as public parks are on a reversibility basis. Meanwhile, many dwellings were developed close to the former tracks, and dwellers would rather have a *[terrain vague](* than a noisy train line in their backyard.

All in all, a case study of multi-decades city development deadlock, or prudent long-term thinking depending on whose side you’re on. And yes, a fascinating oddity.

See also [le mur murant Paris rend Paris murmurant](

This line was originating as a military utility for supply trains to service [the circular fortifications that encircled Paris]( up until the late 1920s, and the concentric demarcations between *la Ville*, *les faubourgs* and *la banlieue* are still very present in the biophysics of Paris.

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