Hauntingly beautiful power plant

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What country is that? Let’s first see if they are a signatory to the Berne Convention and then go from there.

The magazine analogy is not properly applied. With the physical product you do have the right to do as you wish with the physical item. If you buy a CD, you can break it if you want, but the license is drives how you can use the content. You may listen to it, but you cannot broadcast it over the radio or make copies to give to others. You can post the paper over your bed, but you cannot scan it and republish it without the author’s permission.

If I share a photo on FB, imgur, flickr, 500px, etc, then that is my choice. It isn’t only that I am sharing that picture, my consideration is how or tow what audience it is shared. I do a lot of fashion photography and I allow designers, models, MUA, etc to tag themselves in my albums. That essentially provides a link to my content so if their friends and family follow that link, they may also see my other work and I get brand recognition. If those people want any other use, such as to post to their own FB profile, use in a portfolio, or make prints to put on the fridge at home, then that needs to be licensed. If they just post it to their profile, then people that view it are not going to see any of my other work. My watermark may be there, but in reality very, very few take the time to type in the name and do a search to maybe find other material.

When people want to share something on reddit, they should link to the original content, not just republish on imgur. They often claim that they are ‘providing exposure’ for the artist, but that can be done just as simply by linking to the original content.

Artists do understand cultural shift and how things influence or build upon each other. In some cases the artist may own the architecture or building owner a fee. Take for example the Eiffel Tower. The design of the lighting is copyrighted, so if someone wants to use a photo they tok of it at night in a commercial manner, such as a movie, posters, postcard, etc, then they do owe.

I’m not disputing at all your assessment of building upon past works, but in this example you, or others, were commenting on merely making a copy they could use on their own, such as desktop wallpaper. Merely applying a filter or cropping is not enough of a change to claim it as a new work.

Maybe you are not familiar with the Run DMC copyright case; http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/artist-at-center-oscar-nominated-195544

I am often inspired by shots. If I see something I like, such as this photo, when I want to go there myself and create an image. It may very well be from the same angle or viewpoint. A lot of people try to find and visit the exact locations of where Ansel adams captured his images. Now is this plagiarism, or inspiration? that is a good topic for academic debate, but it would not be disputed that the person that captured that new image would solely own the copyright. that person cannot sell Adam’s work by making copies and passing them out, but they can recreate something very similar and thus sell if they wished without owning Adam’s estate anything. They cannot take an Adam’s photo, merely colorize it, and then sell the work.

I’m not so mighty that I do not have copies of works on my computer that inspire me or that which I’d like to emulate. But if I wanted to share that, I’d at least try to find another source and link to that. Is that infringement by some kind by proxy? Maybe, but again that would be an interesting academic debate. I would guess that ultimately it is ethically wrong if you had to take sides, so at some point we all decide how much we accept a level of wrongness and where we draw the line.

If you insult my wife, car, cat, or new haircut, maybe I’ll punch you in the mouth, or I’ll likewise insult your belt and shoe color choices, but I won’t kill you. all might be ethically or morally wrong, or maybe just plain rude, but we all have to decide, on probably a day-to-day sliding scale, at what level we behave.

My code is to not copy and republish something without permission or having paid for that privilege. I don’t download movies or use Bittorrent, but may have in the past before my moral code matured and developed (and I started making enough money to do afford to pay for all that I wanted). It may be hypocritical in fact. But I feel I try to act with honor and integrity now and through debate and discourse, such as this thread, I hope to persuade others to do so as well.

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