Pidhirtsi Castle, Ukraine

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I really wish i could. I’m a HUGE fan of old architecture. There’s so much effort and passion in the designs. You can almost feel the dwellings speak to you. And I like how those really old historic homes/castles/drastically-large-houses all had an actual name.

These places were so grand, so over the top awesome, that a simple street address would be an insult! LOL. Hell no.. that place was ‘Mary Weather’ or some shit.

I keep prodding around from time to time, hoping someone could give me some clues as to how they built those old structures, but no answers yet. Like the curly-cue stone work. How’d they do that? All that beautiful woodwork. Seriously.. what was the step by step process? I’m thinking it’s a lost art, and should be brought back to life.

It’s probably the sole reason i bought this old house i live in. It’s not ‘grand’ by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s something about it. Old places just have that feel i can’t explain. Someone these days buys a new house, and i’m all like “oh yah woopee.. you got a box, with more boxes inside”. And what do they paint these farking eyesores of humanity? TAN! ALWAYS. FUCKING. TAAAANNN!

Heaven god damn forbid you actually use COLOR. “Oh no, we can’t do that! If we try to sell, we need to be as neutral as possible.” Fark you, and all the other 200+ tan houses I see around here. Damn it, it makes me wanna puke.

When we paint this place, it’s going to be BRIGHT. FARKING. RED! And not some stupid safe, neutral red either. It’s going to be VIBRANT. I’m going to spend at least a week mixing and matching color pallets on siding templates, dry, step out in the sunlight to send end result. It’s going to be so vibrant and bright, that it’ll make a passerby snap their neck in two from turning in shock and awe so fast. The streets will be lined with the bodies of paraplegics!!

Ok, i’m done ranting now. Sorry. The dismal, boring, lifeless houses that pass as acceptable these days just drive me to epic levels of agitation. LOL

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