Sunlight streams through a broken window in an old vaudeville theater. Detroit, Michigan.

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We’re an awesome city, but unlike a place like Chicago or New York, you have to hunt for the gems that make people like me stay. We’re not well divided into various culture districts nor do we have any real form of mass transit (either in the city, or even in the region), which makes something as mundane as bar hopping much harder to do.

There is a massive forward momentum here, however. The downtown core is quickly filling up, we have the “M1” rail line in the works that will connect “Midtown”, the district around the fantastic Wayne State University, with the business core, people like Dan Gilbert (who I indirectly work for in my day job at Quicken Loans) not just buying property, but rehabilitating huge swaths of the city, and Mike Ilitch, the owner of the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, and Little Caesar’s Pizza looking to build a large scale sports and entertainment district that would expand what people consider as “downtown”.

Even the building in this shot, which I believe to be the National Theater, is looking to have a future after almost 40 years of abandonment. The block it sits on, between the heart of downtown and a section called Greektown (complete with a casino), were recently purchased and a parking garage attached to it is being torn down as I type this. The intent is to try and rehabilitate the theater and build a retail and entertainment district that connects the business center (roughly around Campus Martius Park) and Greektown.

Fact: I <3 Detroit.

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