The abandoned Weirton Steel Works in Weirton, WV. Photo by Chris Litherland.

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Here’s my guide, PumpkinPieIsTooSpicy. Didn’t edit it since I finalized it about a year ago. Hope you enjoy it.

Places in the Ohio Valley


Meadowlands: Washington, PA
Mountaineer – Very North of Wheeling
Wheeling Downs (not the syndrome), On the Island.

Pizza: We have some kickass pizza places. No lie.
It’s about the only food we’re good at except pepperoni rolls (and they’re like tiny pizza with no sauce)
I’ll rank these in order of my favorites:
First three are the “White Box” pizzerias. Noted because they come in thin cardboard white boxes. You’ll know what I mean if you see one.
1. DiCarlo’s (Elm Grove in Wheeling)
2. DiCarlo’s (Wheeling downtown) Try their Pepperoni Rolls if you don’t like the pizza.
(Do not eat at any other DiCarlo’s. They are peppered throughout the tri-state and these are the two original pizzerias from the DiCarlo’s family.)
First of all, I have to say that most “outsiders” don’t like this pizza. It’s prepared differently than others. I suggest going to the Downtown one first and ordering a slice or two to see if it pleases your taste buds. If it does, go to the Elm Grove one next. But please let me know before you do so. It’s a very “Soup Nazi” kind of ordering system in Elm Grove and I can guide you through it.
I could eat a tray (16 slices in downtown / 28 in Elm Grove) Yes, they’re different. I’ll tell you the story about why they are later.
3. Zontini’s Pizza in Martins Ferry, OH. – The only pizza that comes close to DiCarlo’s in any way. Partly because they used to be one.
4. Pizza Express in Yorkville, OH – This one is actually in the town where I live. Excellent traditional pizza and it’s pretty cheap if I do say so myself. They use Cellone’s dough and their pepperoni and mozzarella are well-mated. Their calzones are also pretty damn good. But not as good as the next pizza place’s.
5. DeFelice Bros. Pizza – There’s one in St. Clairsville (St. C to locals) and there’s one in Martins Ferry and one in Wheeling. Both are good. Might as well go to the closer one. They have the best crust. It’s crunchy and cheesy and amazing. Their meat lover’s pizza will give you week-long heartburn. Their calzones are filled with toppings which make them the best. I definitely suggest going here first.
6. Any other Pizza Express, it’s a good chain.
7. Domino’s chain is decent
8. Pizza Huts
9. Little Ceasar’s of course.
10. Gem City Pizza (in Yorkville as well)- Not a great place. Employees are all assholes. But they have a $10 tray (16 slices I think, could be wrong) only on Mondays.
11. Vocelli’s Pizza and Papa John’s

Italian Food:
-Undo’s in St. Clairsville. Just up a little hill from the mall. It’s good shit and it comes with salad and cheese bread whether you eat-in or take-out. It’s a little pricy though. Just a little cheaper than Olive Garden and you have to get a physical menu. There’s not really a proper menu online. Also, there’s one in Benwood, WV just south of Wheeling. Also good, but they’re basically the same so stick with St. C.
-Bella Via in Elm Grove. CLOSED sorry.
-Figaretti’s in Wheeling. Never been. My mom used to work there in college and always told me not to go; however, they’re still around so they must be doing something right.
-Greco’s in Wheeling. Calzones are pretty good and their cheesy pepperoni bread is kickass. But the atmosphere is… lacking. They do have a lunch buffet which I suggest.

We only have one good chinese restaurant.
-Martin’s former Golden Chopsticks on the Island – Very cool family and the portions are awesome. If you like Lo-Mein, try theirs. It’s not going to win any culinary awards but it sure as hell fills me up.
-There’s a buffet in St. C that’s acceptable but I can’t remember the name. It’s East of the mall on National Road just outside of St. Clairsville proper.

Sushi at the Kroger’s in St. Clairsville and in Wheeling are both pretty damn good. I’ve been eating Kroger sushi for years with no problems whatsoever.
Fusion restaurant in Wheeling near the Cabela’s. It’s a Hibachi but it has normal booths, too. So I suggest going to one of those and chowing down on some Miso soup and any of their sushi rolls.

Yeah, fish.
Coleman’s Fish market in downtown Wheeling. They make wicked fried fish sandwiches and just about everything from shrimp to squid is as fresh as you can get around here. I suggest a trip. While you’re there, walk up and down the two streets paralleling the marketplace. Some cool antiques and a slightly famous book store that has a porch full of books you can take on the honor code. Also I suggest the Smart Center which is on the Northeast corner. Run by two professors, the Strongs, and it has an amazing array of fossils and mineral samples. Also, they sell some of my mother’s bird paintings.

We’re getting a Primanti Brother’s in at the Highlands but it’s not done yet. Best sandwiches I’ve ever had. They’re out of Pittsburgh and they put the fries and cole slaw ON THE SANDWICH. They’re hulking, massive sandwiches and don’t let the coleslaw/fry thing throw you. It’s damn delicious. If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, head to the Strip District. Aside from being full of awesome stores it has the original Primanti Bros. restaurant.
There’s a place near National Road in wheeling. It’s called Cilantro, google it. Used to be this amazing burrito joint but they got bought and now it’s kind of a smaller version of Chipotle. It’s pretty good. Not cheap though. But outside of Taco Bell, it’s the only mexican I can think of.


We’re an old Coal Mining/Steel region so we’re kind of run down. Thanks to the drilling stuff has picked up but it’s not exciting by any means.

Malls: St. Clairsville in Ohio and The Highlands in Wheeling

We have one bowling alley and it’s near that cilantro place. We used to have batting cages/laser tag and a gigantic bowling alley but it was recently demolished to let a logistics company expand which is fucking terrible. I spent 9 years of my young adult life bowling in a league there. Such a travesty.

Oglebay Park in Wheeling:
Not sure if you like golf, but if you do… JACKPOT.
They have a Par-3 which is pretty difficult (all on a hill), two pretty decent upscale places called Crispin and Speidel and then there’s a course that was designed by Arnold Palmer (but fuck $100 for 9 holes and a 5 month waiting period)
Driving Range that is downhill so you feel like a badass.
They have The Good Zoo (Good is the name of a family, it’s not just “Eh, Our Zoo is Decent.”) I used to work there as a volunteer in High School. Only AZA accredited zoo in WV (boring fact.)

Palace of Gold – It’s a slightly far trek south of Wheeling. But the place is crazy looking. It’s kind of a regional headquarters for the Hari Krishnas. They’re nice enough people and when you’re bored, anything can be fun.

Barkcamp State Park just East of here. They have a lake and hiking trails. Pretty nice place.
Tappan Lake which is to the North. Much better park, though the camping is a smaller part of it. The lake is huge.
If you’re out that way check out Amish Country. Excellent cheeses and ciders and fruits. Great farming people.

There’s just not much to do here. I’ll try to think of other stuff later.

Kruger Street Toy and Train museum. Directed by a friend of mine. Never been though. Heard good things.

Grocery Stores in order of cleanliness:
Riesbeck’s in Bridgeport
Riesbeck’s in Elm Grove
Kroger in Wheeling
Kroger in St. Clairsville
Wal Mart in Wheeling (the highlands)
Kroger in Martins Ferry (simply full of undesireables *the type of people*)
Wal Mart in St. Clairsville

Those are; by no coincidence, in order from most to least expensive as well.

That’s all for now. I’m sure this will hold you over for a few days until I can think of more stuff.
Take it easy.

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