Tunnel portal on abandoned railroad line

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It hasn’t been updated in years, but this might help: http://www.brian894x4.com/AbandonedRRmainpage.html

Edit: And I’m not condoning this at all because it’s illegal and there’s a greater-than-zero chance railroad police would be patrolling these areas and would be unhappy to meet you, but… A little birdie told me you might want to check out Clatskanie west to Astoria along US 30, and south of Corvallis to Monroe along US 99W.

Edit again, 12 hours later: as per Google Street View, on the Monroe line, don’t go any further north than Greenberry Road! There’s a new industry at Llewellyn Road and the line has been reactivated from there northward to Corvallis. Always check your rails: if there’s even the least evidence of them being shiny in the recent past and/or they have plant matter mushed on them by passing wheels, and the flangeways in road crossings are cleared out and not full of dirt, you’re going to have a bad time on your RailSofa when a locomotive comes around the corner.

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