used to be a hunting lodge of an Earl, now just a derelict in an industrial yard

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I see a platform level building with a high ceiling 1st floor. A minimaly ornamented tower of unknown function which certainly could hold lifting mechanisms; behind that what looks like a few feet of original warehousing structure that terminates into modern warehousing structure. The box frame doors and the semi decorative windows on the facade are unremarkable, at best.

The “house” being on grade with the platform is the single biggest clue that it was built in conjunction with the rail. Was it a warehouse, depot office, telegraph station or who knows what??? It certainly wasn’t a hunting lodge.

Source: Me, have been all over Eastern & Western Europe. Have renovated/converted several older homes & structures. I bore the fuck out of my friends and family on trips looking at old buildings that always are old pump houses or transfer stations; never speak-easy’s, brothels or manor houses.

Edit: by “unremarkable” I don’t mean UNREMARKABLE… I just mean that the level of craftsmanship for even a work-a-day structure from that era was quite high, but not uncommon. And I’m not saying pump houses and transfer stations suck, but they are as interesting as places with made up stories that people concoct to explain why a common utility building from 130+ years ago that is still around today is so amazing looking. They are just so used to our plain buildings they forget that people used to take pride in their work, business would pay to have a building look amazing, because they were going to build it for a lifetime.

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